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Title: The role and production systems of native chickens in Nigeria
Authors: Ayanwale, B.A.
Egena, S.S.A.
Henuk, Y.L.
Bailey, C.A.
Keywords: Role
Production systems
Native chickens
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: 43;2
Abstract: There are two main production systems of native chicken in Nigeria which are extensive (free range) and semi-intensive system. The intensive system of production is at rudimentary stage of adoption by the rural farmers fue to high cost of housing, feeding, medication, veterinary services and other facilities. The extensive system of production as practiced in Nigeria, is characterized by scavenging, lack of planned housing system, feeding regimes, medication and care for the chickens. The owners provide little or no input for the survival of the birds. The birds are exposed to vagaries of weather, hazards of predators, pests and diseases, and human thieves. The semi-intensive system is a little bit better since the birds are given more attention than in the extensive system. The birds are given supplements and feed in form of grains and household waste. Occasionally, medication are administered. They are provided with houses to roost at night unlike in the extensive system. More attention to be paid to the two systems of management because of the contribution of the native chickens to the economy of the rural populace, contribution to the Gross Domestic Product of the nation, and contribution to the protein intake of the rural community.
URI: http://http://dspace.futminna.edu.ng/jspui/handle/1/4389
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