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Title: Waste Management in Some Mechanized Farms in North-Central Nigeria
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2013
Abstract: The he v ac~jvities from farm enterprises (crop production, livestock and integrated farms) general ' 'fVaste vYhkh could be enormous and demand proper management which is as a result of increas'I g dema)1d for food and raw materials for industries. This involves cultivation of large hectares Qf.land ~tor crop growth, rearing of livestock and other agricultural activities on the farm like ·~tqrage , · processing, irrigation and drainage through the use of machineries and other equipment on the farm. This project centers on waste generation, quantification, handling. treatment and disposal in some mechanized farms in Kwara and Niger State and Abuja. Results from the questionnaires administered and personal interviews indicated that, 1 752 856kg of crop residue (waste) is realized annually by the entire six farms and a total crop output of 906 630kg. In the qairy fan~1, the animal excreta generated by 265 herds of cattle were 227,330.75kg and 279,545.25kg from roughage feed and corn-straw hay respectively. The waste management I I system imrlemented by these farms includes composting, burning (incineration), and reuse as feeds fo)' liv'estock. There exist large amount of waste generated on these farms that are unutijized for a long time. These, if not used in the farm or effective ly disposed off may create environmet1tal and water pollution in the area.
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