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Issue Date: Dec-2009
Abstract: Bio-ethanoLhas been successfully produced from spear grass,400g of spear grass was hydrolyzed for 5 hours with 200ml of concentrated HCl and 100 ml of conyentrated H2S04during hydrolysis " " period , at 30 minutes interval starting fr0111 the 3rd hOllr , 51111 of the broth solution was withdrawn into test-tube ,and cooled to room temperature, 2 drops of iodine was added to the samples at.30 mirlutes interval .At first the colour changed from to red ,from red to violet ,violet . to light brown and finally to colourless ~ which indicate the presence of D-glucose which was fermented with 5g of yeast(saccharo711yces cerevisiae) for more than 14 days and 5g ofNaOH was added to neutralize acids like ethanoic or propanoic acids before it was distilled to give ethanol at a temperature of 78.50C .The ethanol was characterized in other to get the properties , \ \ ," of ethanol gotten from spear grass and compared with the standard values or properties of ethanol produced industrially the values were compared thus; boiling point- 780CI78.50C,specific gravity -0.79/0.80,acidity-6.7ppm /6.5ppm, refractive index- J .3601l.362,moisture content-0.3 %/0.5 % ,percentage purity-99.7 %/99.5 %.The above properties of industrial ethanol/ethanol from spear grass were compare.d with that of gasoline and discovered that ethanol could actually be a very good source of renewable energy or bio- fuel It was found that with the values of industrial ethanol and spear grass ethanol compared above ,there is only littlediscrepancies(negligible) which shows that the ethanol from spear grass is anaIternative to food source based or industrial etha1101.
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